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Net Lease Investment Sector: The Search for Supply

Where art thou, single tenant, net lease assets? Okay, it’s not as if there are hordes of lovesick investor Romeos roaming the market in search of these precious properties, but demand certainly is trumping supply as 2014 warms up.

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Singular Focus: Net Lease Investors Gobble Up Restaurants & More

Location, lease term and leverage isn’t the classic real estate phrase we’ve come to know and repeat, but successful single tenant net lease investors employ a balanced yet fluid strategy with regard to these key factors in the still high-demand sector.

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Net Lease Market Report: Location, Location & Lease Term

Leases are at the heart of value for investment real estate, a great man once said. But what about location, location, location? It’s all related in real estate, of course, but the balance may have shifted a bit in the high-demand single tenant, net lease sector.

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How Interest Rates & Uncertainty Affect Single Tenant Net Lease Properties

Single tenant net lease investment properties are a good option for investors who are interested in owning real estate, but don’t want the possible management hassle and operating costs of other real estate investments.

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Single Tenant Net Lease Market Report: Growth and the "Gravy Train"

Growing demand for housing by consumers, and for real estate and capital by investors mean very good things for the economy and, of course, for the U.S. single-tenant net lease market. U.S. sales of new homes jumping to 497,000, the most in 5 years, is a particularly fine sign for the retail sector.

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