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Retail Confidence?

What’s Happening in a Shopping Center Near You?

James Cook

As goes consumer confidence, so goes the retail market.

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Multifamily Investor Strategies

From institutional to mom & pop, the multifamily sector is thriving. What’s happening with new supply? Is it too late to get in? Where does it make sense to build? Three experts give their input.

How Did Multifamily Stack Up in Q1?

For the latest numbers, I asked Stephanie McCleskey, Director of Research at AXIOMetrics to fill us in.

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US Office Performance Q1

Mixed Signals Add Up to ‘Normal’

Costar Research Director Walter Page joined us on a recent #CRE show to cover the US office sector’s performance in the first quarter.

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Get Ready, it’s ICSC ShowTime in Vegas

The year’s largest event for the retail industry is coming up this week, opening May 17 in Las Vegas.

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Sourcing Debt Today

The lending landscape has certainly been altered by the past recession and new regulatory changes. The best financing sources for various types of properties has been a bit of a moving target.

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