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Press & PR Tips

Every business enterprise has a story to tell. And being proactive about how your story is told can definitely help your business. As in: impact the bottom line.

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Get Ready, it’s ICSC ShowTime in Vegas

The year’s largest event for the retail industry is coming up this week, opening May 17 in Las Vegas.

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Sourcing Debt Today

The lending landscape has certainly been altered by the past recession and new regulatory changes. The best financing sources for various types of properties has been a bit of a moving target.

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Crowdfunding is Expanding

Crowdfunding may have a more significant impact on the commercial real estate industry than previously projected. Steve Renna, President and CEO of CRE Finance recently reported on the Commercial Real Estate Show™ that even traditional lenders are looking at crowdfunding.

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Hospitality is Booming

As the economy has rebounded the hospitality industry has flourished. Is it time to get in, or out, and how long will it last? I recently invited three industry icons to the Commercial Real Estate Show to get their take on the sector.

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