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CRE Investment Guide Part 2

In CRE Investment Guide Part 1, I discussed market cycles and timing to sell, as well as the many methods and best practices of investing in commercial real estate. I also broke down the property types by sector, class and size for an overview.

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CRE Investment Guide Part 1

Investing in commercial real estate is a fascinating and rewarding experience if you have the right information.

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Impact of U.S. Housing Industry

The enormous residential real estate market reaches into all corners of the US economy, from employment to finance to retail, so it’s important to understand its performance. Today we explore the state of the US housing market, how it’s impacting the economy as a whole, and our CRE business in particular.

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Real Estate Environmental Strategies

A consultant, regulator, lender and broker walk into a studio. What comes out are proven environmental strategies to help you save money, make money and avoid losses associated with environmental issues.


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Stormy or Blue Skies Ahead?

As an avid boater, I always check the weather outlook before charting my path and timing.

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