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Office: Q4 Demand Strongest to End 2016

U.S. and Atlanta Market Update

We made it through the election year! Politics aside, the results of the election have garnered positive indicators.

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Important Flexible Lease Clauses for Your Business

On a recent episode of The Commercial Real Estate Show, I discussed “How Real Estate Decisions Impact Your Business.” If you own, operate or lead a company, there are certain real estate strategies that will add considerable value

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Office Race to Recovery is Tough to Call

U.S. and Atlanta Office Market Update Q2 2016

At the end of Q2, the race to recovery for the U.S. office market is hard to call. With uncertainty about the job market and some surprise conversion, the Q2 numbers aren’t exactly the best indicator for where the office sector will end up in 2016. However, here in Atlanta vacancy is down and rents are soaring.

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Tenants: Don’t Leave That Lease in a Drawer

If you’re an office tenant, you’ve come to the right place.

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