Distressed Assets

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Honesty and Transparency Key to Loan Workouts

A borrower burdened with a troubled commercial real estate loan should be upfront with his lender about his problems and be aggressive about finding a solution.

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Distressed Real Estate Update: From Cellar to Seller's Market

In the world of distressed real estate, what was a market in the cellar has officially become a seller’s market for many assets. As the values of troubled properties approach market values, banks are seeing more and more opportunities to clear out their inventories.

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Can't Be Too Careful: Purchasing Distressed Real Estate Requires Considerable Experience and Thorough Due Diligence

Loan delinquencies are on the decline, but there are still ample opportunities for investors to purchase distressed commercial properties. Before forking over money for those troubled assets, however, investors should make sure they have suitable real estate experience.

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Commercial Real Estate Market Update: More Pain Turns to Gain

Things are looking up as troubled asset volume continues downward. Fourth quarter reports had the percentage of commercial properties selling at distressed prices sliding to its lowest rate since mid-2009.

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Banks Maximizing Recovery on NPN and OREO

The U.S. banking industry has recovered steadily from its doldrums during the Great Recession, however many lending institutions are still faced with a significant amount of troubled real-estate loans.

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