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Multifamily Construction Slows but Demand Isn't Going Anywhere

Q4 U.S. and Atlanta Market Update

The vacancy rate limbo continued through Q4 for multifamily. How low can you go?

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Multifamily Q3 2016: Developers Stop Sprinting

U.S. and Atlanta Market Update

It seems developers are finally reacting to the high volumes of construction we’ve been seeing for multifamily.

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Multifamily: Keep an Eye on the Horizon

U.S. and Atlanta Multifamily Market Update Q2 2016

Nationally, vacancy is trending up slightly and rent growth is slowing, while new construction shows no signs of stopping.

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For Multifamily, Moderation Reigns Supreme in 2016

The multifamily market may be losing its model status, but it still has its “girl next door” good looks. Despite an increase in vacancy, the apartment market is in pretty good shape with rental rates still on the rise in Q1.

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Multifamily Investment Strategy for 2016

For those who are concerned about an end to the good times for the multifamily sector, don’t fret yet.

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