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Office Market Update

The demand for commercial real estate’s office sector is a reflection of the improving job market. As the job market improves, Bull Realty investment brokers are seeing an increase in demand for office buildings in Atlanta and around the Southeast. On an assignment just closed in Greensboro, NC, there were multiple offers from investors across the country and in Europe.

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Industrial Sector is Hot

Twenty-fourteen saw so much demand for industrial property that we’re calling it the ‘sexy sector.’ Research Director Rene Circ from CoStar came by Studio One to explain the ins and outs of this unique corner of the commercial real estate market.

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ICSC Carolinas Idea Exchange Recap

Retailers like Publix are making a big push into the Charlotte market, specifically with infill development. This was one of the takeaway from the ICSC Carolinas Idea Exchange according to Frank Meyrath, Vice President of Retail Capital Markets at Bull Realty.

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Healthcare Real Estate - A Distinctive Market

Healthcare real estate is a relatively small and specialized niche, but it’s very active, rapidly evolving in response to major changes in population, regulation and the economy.

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Net Lease

The Dollar Store “Beauty Contest” is over…and the Winner is…

For several months Dollar General and Dollar Tree have been vying to buy Family Dollar, the 2nd largest small box retailer with over 8,000 stores.  This contentious “beauty contest” will go in favor of Dollar Tree, after Family Dollar shareholders approved the lower $8.81 billion offer.  Pending the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) sign off, the merger of Dolla

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Land & Development

Creating and Attracting Vibrant Mixed-Use Developments

Walkability has been a buzzword in the commercial real estate community for the past few years, and the idea that one can “live, work and play” in the same development or area has continued to grow in appeal.

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Distressed Assets

Four Tips for Successful Auctions

1) QUALIFYING THE PROPERTY: It’s imperative the property and buyer's expectations are handled by an experienced auctioneer familiar with the property. A local firm with boots on the ground will take a thorough look at the subject property before auction.

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Multifamily: Surprise Decline in Vacancy, Demand Remains Robust

Just like the millennials that fuel its demand, the multifamily market is always full of surprises.

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Commercial Real Estate Show

Crowdfunding is Expanding

Crowdfunding may have a more significant impact on the commercial real estate industry than previously projected. Steve Renna, President and CEO of CRE Finance recently reported on the Commercial Real Estate Show™ that even traditional lenders are looking at crowdfunding.

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Real Estate Career Strategies

Top 10 Success Strategies for Commercial Real Estate Pros

Commercial real estate brokerage is a dynamic business. Agents (or brokers as we like to be called) with the right skills and resources, utilizing the proper success strategies can enjoy a very rewarding career. Having studied, utilized and taught best practices for more than 30 years, I have seen firsthand the top strategies of the best in the business.

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Case Studies

Seller’s Position Compromised?

This week an apartment owner shared an experience selling a multifamily community with a well-known brokerage firm specializing in apartment sales. The brokers agreed to market the property broadly and set a call-for-offers date.

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