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Office Market Update: Year of Yin & Yang

The office market is experiencing a real estate sort of yin and yang. Investors are moving out to secondary markets and suburbs, while tenant office space requirements are moving in (as in thin). Employment is up, but labor force participation is down. Also, tech and energy markets are hot, while government and financial services sectors are often not.

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Industrial Sector: The Next Darling of Commercial Real Estate?

In 2013, the industrial market experienced one of its best years since the recession, with an uptick in sales and rents, and a decrease in vacancy rates. Strong momentum and continually improving fundamentals indicate that the industrial sector is on track to have another good year in 2014.

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Retail Road Less Traveled: Secondary Markets Become No. 1

One market’s over-pricing is another’s enticing — investors, that is. The beaten path in the retail real estate world, i.e., primary markets, is well worn this many years into the recovery. Investors interested in maintaining yield can be excused for having a wandering eye.

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Real Estate Boom: Baby Boomers Stimulate Senior Housing

What’s up with senior housing? Consumer demand, investor interest and sales prices, that’s what. With more than 10,000 baby boomers turning 65 years old on a daily basis, and 25 million newly insured by 2017, the senior housing industry is certainly poised for growth.

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Net Lease

Singular Focus: Net Lease Investors Gobble Up Restaurants & More

Location, lease term and leverage isn’t the classic real estate phrase we’ve come to know and repeat, but successful single tenant net lease investors employ a balanced yet fluid strategy with regard to these key factors in the still high-demand sector.

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Land & Development

Sustainable Profits

Sustainable construction and renovations can be healthy for both the people in the space and the value of the property. Exciting new products and resources help designers, developers and tenants save costs and provide a healthier environment.

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Distressed Assets

Four Tips for Successful Auctions

1) QUALIFYING THE PROPERTY: It’s imperative the property and buyer's expectations are handled by an experienced auctioneer familiar with the property. A local firm with boots on the ground will take a thorough look at the subject property before auction.

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Avoid These Six Mistakes On Your Next Apartment Purchase or Sale

MISTAKE #1 Mislabeling Any Expenditure as an Operating Expense on Financials: Debt service payments, building depreciation expenses and capital expenditures are NOT operating expenses for purposes of calculating net operating income.

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Commercial Real Estate Show

Getting More from LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great tool for professionals who are looking to grow their connections and recruit new business. But achieving such goals isn’t just a matter of creating a profile. Knowing what kind of content and information to share is key to attracting the right kind of attention. 

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Real Estate Career Strategies

Top 10 Success Strategies for Commercial Real Estate Pros

Commercial real estate brokerage is a dynamic business. Agents (or brokers as we like to be called) with the right skills and resources, utilizing the proper success strategies can enjoy a very rewarding career. Having studied, utilized and taught best practices for more than 30 years, I have seen firsthand the top strategies of the best in the business.

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Case Studies

Seller’s Position Compromised?

This week an apartment owner shared an experience selling a multifamily community with a well-known brokerage firm specializing in apartment sales. The brokers agreed to market the property broadly and set a call-for-offers date.

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