Office: Q4 Demand Strongest to End 2016

U.S. and Atlanta Market Update

We made it through the election year! Politics aside, the results of the election have garnered positive indicators.

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Certain Metros Fare Well in Retail Recovery to End 2016

U.S. and Atlanta Market Update

The retail recovery has been so fragmented that it’s almost impossible to use the big picture to tell the story. To really tell the story, you should look at the individual metros over all of 2016, not just Q4. Nationally, there’s not much to brag about, but the retail market in Atlanta was one of the top-performers in the U.S.

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Industrial: Let’s Give ‘Em Something to Talk About

U.S. and Atlanta Market Update Q3 2016

While Q3 performance alone may not be anything to brag about for the industrial market, it remains the golden child for investors. Industrial has the most favorable outlook among all sectors, due to an ever-evolving e-commerce industry. And Atlanta – in particular, is giving us something to talk about.

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Medical Office Location Analysis

Location for a medical office is of the utmost importance to the success of the practice it supports. Due to changes in regulations and the market, healthcare providers are now seeking locations near where their patients live. This trend has resulted in a “retailization” of care.

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Net Lease

How Can A Single Tenant Buyer Stand Out?

Ask Nancy



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Distressed Assets

Honesty and Transparency Key to Loan Workouts

A borrower burdened with a troubled commercial real estate loan should be upfront with his lender about his problems and be aggressive about finding a solution.

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Steady Demand Continues for Multifamily

U.S. and Atlanta Market Update

The honeymoon phase may be over for multifamily, but the sector still has a pretty strong foundation. In the first quarter 2017, the vacancy rate increased in 39 of the 79 metros REIS tracks. The national vacancy rate increased 10 basis points from 4.2% at the end of 2016, to 4.3% at the end of Q1 2017.

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Land & Development

Construction “On Pause” Until Election Dust Settles

U.S. and Atlanta Land & Development Q3 Market Update

Q3 marked a trend for new construction – namely, there’s less of it.

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Commercial Real Estate Show

Impact of Rising Interest Rates: Experts Agree, It’s Probably a Good Thing

After much anticipation for the duration of 2016, it wasn’t until Dec. 14, 2016 that the FED finally raised rates by 0.25%. Three months later, they did it again. On March 15, 2017, the FED raised interest rates another quarter-point to between 0.75 percent and 1 percent, reported The New York Times.

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Real Estate Career Strategies

Top 10 Success Strategies for Commercial Real Estate Pros

Commercial real estate brokerage is a dynamic business. Agents (or brokers as we like to be called) with the right skills and resources, utilizing the proper success strategies can enjoy a very rewarding career. Having studied, utilized and taught best practices for more than 30 years, I have seen firsthand the top strategies of the best in the business.

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Client Success Stories

Bull Realty Launches New Logo

If you see new commercial real estate company signs plagiarizing long-term Atlanta firm’s name “Bull Realty,” it’s not an imposter, it’s actually Bull Realty’s new logo. Today, Bull Realty is unveiling a new logo and updated sign design that is more illustrative of the firm’s style. 

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